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Suction Cup & Rubber Ball Dog Toy

Suction Cup & Rubber Ball Dog Toy

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4-IN-1 SUCTION DOG TOY - This toy combines interaction toys, slow feeders, teeth cleaners and molar function into one! When you don't have time for your pet, this multifunctional toy is your best choice.

PREMIUM QUALITY - Made from non-toxic high quality rubber designed specifically with the well being of your pet dogs in mind. The new and improved aggressive chewers model has a more durable rope and 2 suction cups with stronger suction power.

POWERFUL SUCTION CUPS - This toy comes equipped with 2 suction cups. All you have to do is put it on a smooth clean surface such as ceramic tile floors, wooden tile floors and glass, and simply press down with pressure. It is also equipped with a smooth sticker for you to use in places that are not too smooth.

TEETH CLEANSER - Not only a self-playing suction cup and rubber ball, but also can be a teeth cleaning tool Help to keep your pets' teeth clean and freshen their breath. It will also even help teething puppies grow healthy teeth.

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