How does the water bottle work?
Pupvio™ Outdoor Dog Water Bottle comes with an innovative foldable cap. You simply squeeze the bottle to fill the bowl on top with water and give your pup a sip of fresh, cool water. Any leftover water drains back into the bottle to be enjoyed for later!

Is this a good sized water bottle for larger dog breeds?
Larger dog breeds will naturally require more water than smaller dog breeds. The Pupvio™ Outdoor Dog Water Bottle holds 18 oz. of water and is sufficient to keep any sized dog cool and hydrated at all times. However, a dog that will be participating in strenuous activity may need more water. 

Do you have to constantly squeeze the water bottle to maintain water in the bowl?
That's one option and the recommended option. Alternatively, you can squeeze to fill up the bowl and lock it by using the locking mechanism inside the bowl.

Does the water bottle leak?
The Pupvio™ Outdoor Dog Water Bottle has a leak-proof locking mechanism that prevents any sorts of spills when on 'Close'.

Will my dog get sacred drinking from this bottle?
The Pupvio™ Outdoor Dog Water Bottle is widely accepted by dogs because the bottle is made of high food-grade polypropylene with soft and scentless materials

Does it fit in a car cup holder?
Yes, it fits perfectly inside a car cup holder and any backpack side drink compartment.

Will the water bottle break easily if I drop it?
The Pupvio™ Outdoor Dog Water Bottle is made of high-quality durable silicone and can sustain high impact falls to the ground.