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Question: Can it be washed in the dishwasher? 
Answer: We recommend that you hand wash the bottle and bowl.

Question: The wrist strap broke, how can I get a new one?
Answer: Simply contact customer support for further assistance on receiving a replacement.

Question: Does it fit in a backpack side drink compartment?
Answer: The diameter of the Pupvio™ water bottle is roughly 3.5’’ and it’s compatible with most backpack side drink compartments.

Question: Do you have to constantly squeeze the bottle to maintain water in the bowl?
Answer: Pupvio features a special valve designed to keep water inside the bowl.

Question: Does it fit in a car cup holder?
Answer: Yes, it fits perfectly inside a car cup holder.

Question: Will the bottle break easily if I drop it?
Answer: The Pupvio™ water bottle is made of high-quality durable silicone and can sustain high impact falls to the ground. 

Question: Can my dog chew and break the bottle?
Answer: We recommend discouraging your dog from chewing on the bottle. 

Question: What material is the bowl made of?
Answer: The bowl is made up of a soft silicone material, which folds up and retains its form as it is filled with water.

Question: Is it hard to fill the bowl when the bottle is almost empty?
Answer: Even with a small amount of water, the bowl is still easy and painless to fill. The pump tube reaches the bottom of the bottle, which allows you to use all of it.

Question: Does this come in a larger one-liter size? I have a big dog that requires lots of water on our hikes.
Answer: At this time, we only provide our product in one size. In this case, we’d recommend purchasing multiple bottles and bringing them with you on the trail. Because they’re small, compact, and lightweight, you can hold multiple bottles in your bag at any given time. 

Question: Where do you ship your products from?
Answer: We process all U.S orders from our facility in Florida.